Educated about their human rights, young people take action in their communities, becoming one voice for human rights awareness.

Take Action:
Get Involved in Youth For Human Rights

Understand that by fighting for the impossible, one begins to make it possible.
—Oscar Arias Sanchez, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

History shows that all forward progress in improving conditions in the world is spearheaded by single, determined individuals, and groups that support the vision and strategies of those leaders.

The actions of one person, added to those of other like-minded and informed individuals, create awareness, action and can build into entire movements. From these actions come real change.


1. Petition your government

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the fundamental and international agreement on what human rights are, and so must be known and applied throughout the world.

Make your voice heard. Make human rights education in schools and universities part of the curriculum. You can help ensure human rights are learned and demanded by everyone, by signing this petition.

2. Link to us

Create a link to us ( from your website or the website of your organization or educational institution.

3. Obtain copies of The Story of Human Rights film and human rights public service announcements

Start showing these films to your friends and colleagues. Special editions of the booklets are available for youth.

4. Become a member or sponsor

You can start by becoming a member. Youth for Human Rights International is a nonprofit organization that is supported by membership donations.